Skin Services – Vein Therapy


Tired of opting for long pants instead of cute, flirty shorts because of unsightly spider veins? If so, Yuva Medical Spa’s vein therapy treatment could be for you.

“Yuva Medical Spa offers Sclerotherapy and Laser Therapy to effectively treat unsightly spider veins and vascular lesions or birthmarks on most areas of the body.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves the injecting of a substance called Asclera ™ directly into the vein with a small needle. The solution irritates the veins and causes them to collapse. Over time, the vessel tissue fades away.

The procedure requires little or no downtime and most individuals only require a couple of sessions to treat their spider veins.

Laser therapy involves the Nd YAG laser that selectively damages and destroys small spider veins and small vascular birthmarks. Two to four treatments may be required depending on the number and size of the lesions.