Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo

No matter how strict your diet or workout regimen is, sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of excess body fat.  It can be very discouraging to look in the mirror and not see the results you want.  Yuva Medical Spa offers a solution with Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo, a safe, effective procedure that uses a laser to liquefy and remove unwanted fat in targeted body zones.  In addition to removing unwanted fat, the laser’s thermal effect causes the skin to contract, resulting in firmer, smoother skin that further enhances your body shaping goals.  The clinical term for this type of procedure is Laser-Assisted Lipolysis or Laser Lipo. This technique is an evolution of traditional liposuction and similar to other trademark procedures such as Smart Lipo™, Cool Lipo™,Lipo Lite™.

How does it work?

Dr. Reddy begins the Laser lipo procedure by administering a mild numbing agent to the targeted body zone. Then a small metal tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin and a tiny laser beam is fired while he moves the cannula back and forth. As the laser warms the fat cells, it creates a thermal effect. Fat cells, which are highly receptive to thermal energy, are liquefied and removed permanently. As an added benefit of Laser lipo, the heat produced during the treatment creates a skin tightening effect, thus helping create a more balanced skin texture.

What can it treat?

Laser lipo can be performed on many areas of the body including:

  • Abdomen
  • Waist (love handles)
  • Back
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Hips (saddle bags)
  • Face (chin and cheeks)
  • Knees
  • Arms (back of arms)
  • Ankles

In contrast to traditional liposuction, laser liposuction causes minimal bruising or swelling and patients are usually able to go back to work in a day or two. See our Before & After Gallery for more information about Laser Lipo and Vaser Lipo in action.